Welcome to Business Exploring

A lot of you may have been followers of my blogs with my previous career and decided to reconnect. Thank you, I am very grateful for your support.
For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, welcome I look forward to your feedback and contributions.
You may be interested in knowing what the intentions of our blog are? After all, in this world of information and technology overload, what could I possibly offer that a million other “business experts” are not already offering?
I do not class myself as a business expert, nor am I a coach or consultant. As the name Business Explorers suggests, I am more interested in what we don’t know about business than what we do.
Through this blog you are encourage you to become a Business Explorer with me.
Please post your business ideas, challenges, solutions and discoveries in the comments section of the blog. We would love to build a community of Business Explorers who are able to approach ideas expressed by each other as new territories to explore.
Over the next few months, we will be exploring business planning.
You may already be thinking that you can pick up a book on business planning anywhere? Sure, there are a lot around.
Let’s look at this from another angle. We do not live in an environment where a static approach to business planning will ensure our success. We need to be as dynamic as the shifting economy, changing legislation and outside influences that affect our businesses.
We only need to look as far as the recent natural disasters that have been experienced in Australia and New Zealand to realise that the game has changed in the last few months. A book published prior to November would not be specific enough for some of our needs.
That is why I encourage each of you to contribute to the blog. Your personal story may hold the key that someone else needs to unlock new territories to explore in their business.
If you want to come along on our expedition, please comment and forward this blog to others who you believe may benefit from our combined contributions.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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